Free Chocolate!

Yep, you read that correctly – FREE CHOCOLATE!

Ok, so there is a slight catch…

We will send the first 100 people to get 100 Karmr points a chocolate bar completely free. To get Karmr points you start by registering with Karmr at or on our app from and posting some actions. These actions are things you have done, achieved or made happen and can be simple, everyday things, good deeds or anything else so long as it is something you have done. Next, people have to give you Karmr by clicking “+K” on your action. If what you have done has more impact then more people will give you Karmr – a nice picture helps too :) . If you want you can get your friends to join and give you Karmr for the things you have done.

Ten actions with Karmr from ten friends each = 100 Ks = ONE FREE CHOCOLATE BAR.

How does Karmr work?

  • Before you can post anything or add comments you must click the activation link in your registration email
  • Karmr is about actions so post things you have done, achieved or made happen
  • When you find an action you like hit “+K” to give it’s owner Karmr
  • When you give someone Karmr you automatically follow them. To follow people give them Karmr!
  • To access other parts of our app tap the menu icon or swipe right

Why are we doing this?

We have worked really hard to create an app that we think people will enjoy but as a content app we need erm, content. In order to get content we need users and rather than just paying for a load of advertising we thought we would do something a bit more interesting. Ultimately we are doing this to get people using Karmr and by the time someone has 100 points they will hopefully have had time to decide they like it as well as having generated some content for other people to find. We think that a bar of chocolate to show our appreciation for giving our app a try is the least we can do.

Terms & Conditions

Ok, so a few rules:

  • This offer commences 15th April 2013.
  • Only accounts with a verified email address can post actions (to avoid spammers & trolls)
  • Only Karmr given by accounts with a verified email address will count (so people can’t just register a hundred fake accounts)
  • We reserve the right to remove / discount non-active content – i.e. pictures of kittens, general statements or opinions, things other people have done (we are about actions)
  • Only one reward per household (sorry)
  • We reserve the right to alter or suspend this offer at any time (just in case)
  • This reward is in no way endorsed or supported by Cadbury (we asked but they suggested we visit the Cash and Carry :| )
  • To claim your chocolate please email and give:
    1. Your name and address for shipping
    2. Your Karmr username
    3. Verification code from the app or in the reward email