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You will be reincarnated as a winkle…

Or a slug, or a Seahorse, or a Meerkat, or even a Unicorn! That is, if you have a Karmr account and post things that you do.

Karmr is a platform for sharing and rewarding actions. Why actions? Well, we think there is a lot of value in getting up and doing things. Just think what would happen if the doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers or politicians decided to all just stay in bed one day. Actions make a difference and we think they deserve to be celebrated and rewarded.

On Karmr every action you do can be given Karmr points by people who like that action. As your total Karmr score increases you get a better and better reincarnation. We start you off when you sign up by giving you a bonus point to say thank you for joining us. This means that you will be reincarnated as “Primordial Ooze”. Next up is a Gnat, then a Barnicle, a Flea and a Winkle. At 100Ks you get to be a Starfish then eventually, at 10,000,000, a Unicorn (if anyone gets this far we will have to add some more – Spiderman perhaps).

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The full list of reincarnations is:

Karmr Points Reincarnation
1 Primordial Ooze
2 A Gnat
3 A Barnacle
5 A Flea
10 A Winkle
16 A Cockroach
25 A Slug
37 A Jellyfish
50 A Centipede
70 An Ant
100 A Starfish
140 A Seahorse
190 A Clown Fish
250 A Frog
330 A Woodpecker
430 A Hamster
550 A Sheep
700 A Bat
880 A Labrador
1080 A Penguin
1350 A Rabbit
1600 A Cat
1900 A Giraffe
2300 A Sealion
2800 A Pelican
3400 A Horse
4100 A Koala
5000 A Wild Boar
6000 An Owl
7250 A Hippopotomous
9000 A Zebra
12000 A Meerkat
15000 A Sting Ray
20000 A Rhino
32000 A Cobra
50000 An Orca
70000 An Eagle
100000 A Crocodile
150000 An Elephant
225000 A Hammer Head Shark
475000 A Lion
750000 A Tiger
1200000 A Bear
2000000 An Orangutan
3000000 A Dolphin
4500000 A Pegasus
7000000 A Dragon
10000000 A Unicorn