About Karmr

So what is it all about then?

Karmr takes it’s name from the Sanskrit word “Karma” which literally means “action” or “deed” and Karmr provides a platform to share actions, good deeds and so on. Social media has become a massive industry that touches on the lives of a huge number of people globally. People enjoy sharing because they feel part of a community and getting validations in terms of likes, follows, retweets and so on make people feel good. Unfortunately social media has also become a vehicle for more negative content from mild complaining through trolling and on to incitement to violence and worse. By focusing on actions we hope to avoid some of this.

Karma is a Buddhist thing about some sort of mystical force for justice right? Are you some bunch of tree huggers?

Karma is a concept in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and most people think of it as “What goes around comes around” but it is really just the idea that actions have consequences. In this context we are only worried about the initial action; if people want to recognise it with Karmr points then that is up to them.

We don’t hug trees. Sorry.

How does it work?

Karmr is a website and iOS app (Android and others coming soon) that allows you to view and post your actions. If you like an action you can give it Karmr to show your appreciation and other people can give Karmr to your action if they like what you have done. Each action accumulates Karmr points and actions can be ranked by total score. Each user also has a total Karmr score, which is the total of all their action’s Karmr scores plus any bonuses.

After downloading our app and registering your username you will be shown your Home Feed. This feed is the actions that are most relevant to you and contains your actions, actions from people you have given Karmr to and actions those people have given Karmr to. One easy way to think of this is that when you give Karmr to an action you simultaneously “Like”,”Follow” and “Retweet”.

In addition to your home feed you can view Trending Actions, which are the posts that have the most activity recently, Top Actions, which are the posts with the most Karmr points and Latest Actions, which speaks for itself. Finally, you can view other Karmr users and find the latest and top users and see how you measure up to them

What should be posted on Karmr?

Karmr is about actions so anything that is active is perfect for Karmr. This might be something huge like bringing about world peace, winning a Nobel Prize, going into space, curing cancer and so on or it could be something more everyday like playing with your kids, passing an exam, losing weight, running an extra mile etc. The key is that it is something that you have done that you want to share but if you are stuck for ideas just browse what others have posted first and you will soon see the kind of thing that fits.

How is Karmr different to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Most social networks are very general in the type of content they support although they all have their quirks. For Twitter it is the length of the post where Instagram is focussed around an image. In Karmr there is an option to add a photo – there are even image filters in our iPhone app – and there is no limit on the length of the text in the post but Karmr is specifically for posts that are about actions that take place in the real world.

Why would I bother? What do I get out of it?

Loads of reasons but for a start you can post to Facebook and Twitter from Karmr so you don’t need to do anything much extra to use Karmr.

If you are consuming content on Karmr you should find some interesting and positive content that may inform and inspire you. As you give Karmr you also get the satisfaction of knowing that the things that you think should happen in the world are getting recognised.

If you post on Karmr you have a purpose-built platform to show the kinds of things that you do in the real world, without having to compete with the noise of other social outlets. You also get recognition for the great things you do and can see where you lead, compared to your peers. Also, by focusing on things you do that are by and large positive you will become more aware of those things yourself and there is a fair chance that this will make you feel more positive and happier.

I’m a marketeer, is there anything in Karmr for me?

Absolutely! Karmr has a number of features that are built with brands, celebrities and marketeers in mind. The Home Feed is a great example as it provides a means to build an audience, acquiring new followers with every action that you post and get Karmr for. You also have a platform to show-off the positive, active side of your brand’s personality, which works especially well for showing off CSR, but also for sharing the everyday activity within your brand and giving a great brand activation tool.

Our website shows all of your actions in your profile and links to external sites allow you to integrate your Karmr campaign with your SEO without any additional burden as Karmr posts can be cross posted to Facebook and Twitter automatically.

You can use Karmr Rewards to encourage specific actions and associate your brand with these things. We are also planning a number of promotional opportunities such as featured posts and we welcome early enquiries about these.

I’m a corporate, what about me?

You can use Karmr in a number of ways but for corporates, the ability to encourage and reward employees in the form of an internal incentive scheme is a powerful way to build staff moral as well as make a positive impact on your surrounding community. Karmr allows you to track what people have done, reward them for those things and directly track the activity of your people for marketing & PR purposes.

When your people post an action they have the option to include it in your scheme and / or the public feeds so they have complete flexibility as well as privacy where they want it.

We’re a charity / social enterprise, can we track our people too?

Erm, yes. You can do exactly what the corporates can but if you wish you can separate Karmr Groups from Karmr Rewards. This means that you can just use Karmr to track what your people are doing purely as an impact measurement tool. Of course, you can offer rewards too if you want to.

Is there a cost for any of this?

As a social tool for regular users, no.

To offer rewards, manage groups or promote content, yes. Contact us if you would like more information on these.