Road Map

We are a small, bootstrapped startup so we have very limited resources. We have chosen to follow Lean Startup and Agile development which means that we treat our development as a series of experiments and then work out what to do next when we have answered our questions. This doesn’t mean that we don’t know where we are going, it just means that we are being flexible about how we approach things to try and get to ‘the end’ as soon as we can by finding pitfalls earlier rather than later.

The current plan in development order (there is a 7 day lag from Apple) is:

Release Features Release Date
 iOS Release 1.35
  • First reward supported
  • New “Add Action” screen
  • Resend account activation email from app
  • Bug fixes
15th April 2013
Migration to new scalable API
  •  Porting web feeds to new scalable API
 ~26th April 2013
 iOS Release 1.4
  •  New app tutorial plus ability to view from sidebar
  • About app, copyright, contact + credits in sidebar
  • Moving to “Full name” rather than first & last name
  • Option to cross post actions to Facebook via Open Graph
 ~ 26th April 2013
 Website updates
  • User profile page
  • View / make comments
  • +K on grid view
  • View notifications
  • View rewards
  • Edit profile
 ~23rd April 2013
 iOS Release 1.5
  • Infinite scroll in notifications
  • Invite friends from Facebook + by email & get a bonus K for each user that signs up and posts an action
  • Search actions / users / hashtags
~6th May 2013
 iOS Release 1.6
  • Deep links within app for notifications, web page -> app view, Facebook posts to open the specific content
  • Login with Twitter and auto-tweet on posting action
 ~17th May 2013
 iOS Release 1.7
  • Ability to hide specific users from Home Feed
  • Attribution for posts in Home Feed (You gave this person Karmr, a user gave this Karmr etc)
  • More bonuses and badges section
  • Image filters on user images
  • Updated user profile style
  • Text post selectable / copyable
  • URL per user
  • Links in posts to open in webview
 ~31st May 2013
 Website updates
  • Bringing website up to date with app features
  • New scripting and grid tool
 ~31st May 2013
 Android Release 1.0
  • An Android version with all the major features of the iOS app – certain things like image filters may be missing initially 
 ~28th June 2013
 iOS 2.0 / Android 2.0 / Web
  • Karmr groups
  • Attribution of actions to others / groups
  • Multiple images per action
  • Video support (maybe via Vine)
  • Localisation